Circular Plastics NL November Update

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CPNL November Update


– New Investments: €25 million from CPNL to Brightlands Circular Space, propelling groundbreaking initiatives.

– Open Calls: Exciting opportunities for collaboration with open calls for proposals from NWO and RVO, setting the stage for innovation.

– Board Updates: Transition in leadership as Dr. Ir. Just Jansz and Prof. Dr. Bert van der Zwaan complete their tenure, welcoming Ton Geurts as the new chairman in January 2024.

Recent Achievements:

Insightful updates from events like the Innovation Expo, Kunststof Congres, Chemport Expo, and more, highlighting CPNL’s active participation in advancing circular plastics initiatives.

Upcoming Events:

Stay informed about upcoming masterclasses, events, and summits in December, offering opportunities for engagement and learning.

Need Answers?

Our commitment to transparency and accessibility is evident in our updated FAQ section. If you have questions or seek more information, feel free to reach out. Your queries help us shape a more informative platform.

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