Go Circular Summit

2 minuten

Closing the loop in a circular plastics economy!

The Circular Plastics NL calendar features many events where we are present or presenting. We are joining to meet the frontrunners, challenge owners, and solution providers who are interested in achieving this goal.

On April 19 and 20, attending the Go Circular Summit in Rotterdam, was another special event because our board member Esther van den Beuken presented the CPNL program and together with our Circular Plastics NL Director Marc Spekreijse joined the conference.

Both noticed the general sense of urgency amongst the attendees that we need to act now to accelerate the transition towards more circularity. Over 150 attendees ranged from international industry, recyclers, brand owners, sorters, start-ups, knowledge institutes, and governmental institutions. Marc Spekreijse pointed out: “As the overall volume of plastics is still growing, there is an urgent need for recycled plastic feedstock. This means an increase in the recycling capacity and an improvement in the quality of the recyclates. Plastic waste is too valuable, ‘do not waste our plastic waste.’ Esther added and confirmed: “This summit shows the need for initiatives and programs like Circular Plastics NL, funded and supported by the Dutch government, the National Growth Fund.”

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