Improve thermochemical recycling techniques

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One of the eight program lines of Circular Plastics NL (CPNL) focuses on Thermochemical recycling. Thermochemical recycling makes waste plastics suitable for reuse as feedstock for the plastics industry.

The goal of this program component is to improve the quality of thermochemical recycling techniques. One way this is done is by converting waste streams that are not good for recycling to BTX and to olefins. Joop Groen has been program manager for this part of the CPNL program since May 1. "To demonstrate that it is possible to close the plastics chain on an industrial scale, CPNL is betting on demo projects. Think of the residual streams of plastic waste that can be converted into raw materials for renewed plastics."


Joop Groen program manager for Thermal Recycling at Circular Plastics NL

In this position, Joop is responsible for this part of the National Growth Fund program Circular Plastics NL, in which industry and the research community work together to technologically innovate and make the value chain of plastic products circular. He takes care of the operational and organizational activities involved in rolling out the program line and the projects that come out of it, in order to ensure acceleration of industry developments and realization of the program goals.

Marc Spekreijse, general manager Circular Plastics NL:

"CPNL has appointed with Joop as program manager for thermochemical recycling an experienced professional with a lot of knowledge to strengthen the team. A connector and driven manager with a broad network who wants to contribute to sustainable technologies together with us."

About Joop Groen

Joop Groen studied Process Engineering, Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Innovation (MIT) and is also a certified personal development coach. Joop began his career at General Electric in the Engineering Plastics division where he worked for 17 years. Initially in technical and operational leadership roles, such as plant manager, and later in commercial roles such as marketing and product manager.

In 2005 Joop joined TNO, the Dutch applied research organization, where he held several managerial positions. Since 2012, Joop joined the sustainable chemistry and biobased economy team as senior manager new business development, where he was responsible for initiating major new programs and projects, such as Biorizon. Since 2016, Joop is founder and CEO of Viride BV, a technology start-up for sustainable innovations and still active in the Biorizon program as Director of the Shared Research Center. He is also a member of the Executive Team of Circular Biobased Delta, Director of the CHAPLIN program for biobased bitumen and the CBBD Network Chemical Recycling. For the province of Brabant and the West Brabant region, Joop recently supported the coordination of the Just Transition Fund.

'From waste back to raw materials with innovation'

Joop on improving thermochemical recycling with the CPNL program: "Thermochemical recycling is already an innovative and sustainable way to recycle waste, turning it into valuable raw materials that can be reused. The Circular Plastics NL program provides an opportunity to develop effective solutions to further reduce dependence on raw materials, and reduce the amount of waste going to landfills. In my role as program manager, I am happy to contribute with this to this chain where waste can be converted back into raw materials."

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