National Growth Fund Forum: Learning from Each Other and Giving Impetus to Sustainability

2 minutes

Circular Plastics NL participated in the first group of the NGF Forum. These meetings bring together the leaders of 10 National Growth Fund programs with the goal of accelerated learning and sharing valuable experiences.

The NGF Forum brought together professionals from various sectors, including our own director Marc Spekreijse and

Hedwich Teunissen, CropXR

Freeke Heijman-te Paske, Quantum Delta

Ed Buddenbaum, Green PowerNL

Janneke J. Timmerman, Health-RI

Erik Eijrond, RegMed XB

Nettie Buitelaar, Biotech Booster

Friso Smit, Oncode Accelerator

Liselore Havermans, Future-proof Living Environment

Sander Ruiter, AiNed

These first meetings on Dec. 13, 2023, and Jan. 10 have already yielded fruitful results, with an open exchange of valuable insights and a focus on leveraging each other's strengths. Marc Spekreijse emphasized the importance of sharing expertise and using proven formats from other NGF programs to strengthen Circular Plastics NL's process and projects.

The shared goal of the NGF Forum is to innovate, invest in sustainable solutions and create a circular future. Through close collaboration and knowledge sharing, participants strive to take sustainability and circularity to the next level.

Circular Plastics NL will closely follow developments with the NGF Forum and share updates via LinkedIn and the monthly CPNL updates. As an organization, we are committed to contributing to accelerating positive change in our industry. Together with other leading players within the NGF Forum, we want to make a positive impact, learn from each other and accelerate together. The Forum will meet again in February, April and June.

Follow our journey and stay informed about Circular Plastics NL's efforts to enable sustainable solutions and realize a circular future. Together we can make a significant difference and work towards a future-proof world.

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