Future Proof Plastics symposium - National Plastics Congress 2023

2 minutes

At the National Plastics Congress, and its accompanying "Future Proof Plastics" symposium on Thursday, Nov. 9, CPNL was represented by Jan Willem Slijkoord and Marc Spekrijse. Also participating in the program was board member (listener from EZK) Bas Salzmann.

Participate in grant application CPNL: Circular Carpet & Artificial Turf

Together with Oost NL, CPNL made an appeal to entrepreneurs in the textile and carpet industry. Circular Plastics NL is open for applications (via RVO) on this topic and other topics for projects that contribute to getting the plastics chain in the Netherlands circular. On December 7, together with Polymer Science Park, we will take this further for the carpet industry and list possible collaborations for circular adhesives and PP recyclate in carpet. You can register here: https://polymersciencepark.nl/blog/2023/11/13/kunststof-podium-circulair-tapijt-kunstgras/

National Circular Plastic Standard (NCPN).

The Future Proof Plastics section featured the National Circular Plastic Standard (NCPN). This standard starts in 2027 with an expected 15 percent mandatory share of non-fossil polymers/plastics and increases to 25-30 percent in 2030. Through a presentation, Ingeborg Gort of Partners for Innovation, explained what the NCPN means for companies and why it gives you insights on how entrepreneurs can prepare for the standard. The NCPN is not yet set in stone; the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management asked for input from industry.

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