Future of Chemical Recycling 2024

2 minutes

ACI's recent event on Jan. 31 and Feb. 1, Future of Chemical Recycling 2024, brought together a diverse group of about 140 participants in Rotterdam, including corporates, start-ups, investors, service providers and equipment suppliers, albeit with notable absence of government representatives. Prominent sponsors such as Synova and Blue Alp supported the event, along with other companies such as Steinert, List, GreenDot, Sulzer, Revalyu and KBR/Hydro PRT.

During the two-day program, CPNL program line manager Joop Groen attended and experienced an offering with in-depth exploration of technologies, projects and market developments within the plastic recycling sector. Speakers shared insights on advanced recycling technologies, investment strategies, feedstock management, LCA analyses and the integration of chemical and mechanical recycling. Key topics such as European legislation, market forecasts and the role of major brands such as Nestlé were also discussed.

Notable was the emphasis on the need for stable legislation, clear feedstock sources and collaboration between different recycling methods to achieve circularity. Although the sector is still evolving, concrete examples of successful technologies and business models were presented, with a strong focus on reducing CO2 emissions and maximizing recycling efficiencies.

All in all, the event provided a valuable platform for knowledge sharing, networking and exploring collaborative opportunities among various stakeholders in the circular plastics industry.

Check here for upcoming Circular Plastics NL events or where one of the experts on the team will be representing CPNL.


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