CPC 23

2 minutes

The Circular Plastics NL (CPNL) team attended the Circular Plastics Conference 2023 in Utrecht to network and see that the challenges within plastic value chains to achieve full circularity are becoming increasingly clear. Despite the significant progress that has been made, several obstacles remain that hinder the realization of a fully circular plastic chain by 2050.

Marc Spekreijse, the director of CPNL, was invited to close the conference with a presentation on the ambitions and goals of Circular Plastics NL: "The Circular Plastics Conference 2023 brought everyone together. During the conference I went into further detail about our program and the requirements for parties to participate in the open calls. We had the chance to inform interested parties about the possibilities and opportunities offered by the program. The better we can inform them, the stronger the proposals can be and the greater the impact we can create in this transition. It is important to take action now. Change does not just happen by conducting more studies and writing more reports; it requires people to work together and really work at it. Time is running out; there is too much value in our plastic waste to just burn it and we need to start now. This physical meeting served as an ideal starting point for that."

Read the interview with Marc prior to the conference here.

Circular Plastic Conference 2023 was organized by DPI and ISPT.


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