Circular Plastics NL 2023 Recap

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2023 was a special year for Circular Plastics NL, marking the beginning of our journey with the National Growth Fund toward a more circular system for plastics. We are grateful for the support and feedback from our partners, followers and the entire community.

In this December Update, we look back at the milestones and learning moments:

In 2023, Circular Plastics NL achieved significant milestones in promoting circularity within the plastics industry. The year saw a successful completion of the first phase of the Growth Fund program, which is due in part to board members Dr. Ir. Just Jansz and chairman Prof. Dr. Bert van der Zwaan. With the completion of the first phase, they are succeeded in these positions by Ton Geurts and Ton van der Giessen.

Community engagement flourished, reflected in the launch of a new community webpage showcasing organizations working to accelerate the transition to circular plastics. The CPNL library was introduced as a knowledge center offering insights to explore the evolving landscape of circular plastics.

The newsletter highlighted three essential 2023 reading tips, including podcasts, insights on chemical recycling and information on feedstocks for plastics recycling in the Netherlands. CPNL also launched open calls in collaboration with RVO and NWO, offering grants for 22 projects, with deadlines in early 2024.

The efforts of the CPNL team were evident by hosting more than 20 events that highlighted growth fund initiatives and promoted circularity in the plastics industry. Their digital presence showed significant growth, with more website visitors, newsletter readers and LinkedIn followers, indicating a promising trajectory.

The year ended with a field trip to the Brightlands Chemelot Campus, highlighting CPNL's commitment to collaboration and promoting its goals for the coming years.



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