Better quality of recyclates

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Program characterization, washing and sorting

One of the eight program lines of Circular Plastics NL (CPNL) is focused on is characterizing, washing and sorting plastic waste. A crucial step in getting our plastic waste back into the chain and repurposed as a raw material for the plastics industry.

The purpose of this program component is to get more recyclate of consistent and higher quality into the chain. Among other things, this can be achieved by improvement in sorting, separation and waste technology and by using targeted analytical methods.

Louis Jetten program managerer for characterize, washing and sorting at Circular Plastics NL

Dr. Louis Jetten has been appointed program manager for this CPNL program line: "Characterize, washing and sorting is essential in mechanical recycling. In hhe CPNL programma is budget earmarked for innovative research to strengthen this. By 2023 are this in the grant scheme through RVO, three tenders: material characterization in the process; deployment of a digital expert system in the sorting of plastic items; and the sort of synthetic rubber."

As a program manager characterize, washing and sorting is Louis responsible for this part of the National Growth Fund program Circular Plastics NL, in which industry and the research community work together to technologically innovate and make the value chain of plastic products circular. He takes care of the operational and organizational activities associated with the grant application to be put out and projects resulting from it in order to acceleration of developments in the industry and realization of the program goals ensure.

Marc Spekreijse, general manager Circular Plastics NL, About Louis:

"Louis is a highly experienced professional with extensive knowledge and a connector who has been hired to join the team effective August 1. He is a connector and driven expert with an extensive network and is ready to contribute to sustainable technologies with us."

About Louis Jetten

Louis has over 35 years of experience in plastics, in recycling, materials development and processing. His main focus is on innovation and development through collaboration in the chain.

He studied chemistry in Nijmegen followed by a doctorate in solid-state chemistry.

At DSM, he worked in the development of LLDPE and in mechanical recycling of plastics at Reko BV. He then did business development at TNO Chemistry and at DPI Value Centre, including setting up company collaborations and realizing market opportunities, partly in the field of plastics recycling, and the deployment of recyclates.

At 4PET Recycling he was in a managerial position responsible for quality improvement through optimizations in the recycling process. He is currently self-employed as project leader for DPI/ISPT's InReP project and advises SMEs in plastic recycling, both in the Netherlands and internationally.

'Better quality of recyclate'

"To increase the use of recycled plastics, recyclates must be clean and safe. Separation of contaminants is essential in this regard. This can be done by sorting before the recycling process and separation steps in the process itself. Determining whether polymer specifications and purity requirements are met requires reliable analytical methods that can be used relatively easily and at low cost. An integrated development of analytical and recycling technology should lead to better recyclates."

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