CPNL reaches closure of Open Calls 2023 with more than 50 million euros from Growth Fund to solve bottlenecks in plastic value chains

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CPNL, a national growth fund program that invests in solutions for the circular economy, has closed a first round of open calls for grant applications for making the plastics market circular. These grants issued by CPNL through RVO will soon allow companies to improve the Dutch plastics ecosystem and scale up innovations with projects and showcases. Additionally, researchers and companies have been able to submit calls for scientific research through NWO to realize innovations for circular transition of plastics.

A total of over 50 million euros has been made available to companies, and researchers operating in the Netherlands. The Open Calls 2023 are designed with a focus on:

  • Develop and apply characterization technologies to increase the quality of recycling output;
  • Develop a digital expert system;
  • Develop specific pretreatment and sorting techniques for synthetic rubber from automobile tires.
  • recycling of rigid PP/(HD)PE packaging;
  • recycling of (L)LDPE films;
  • styrene-based materials;
  • PET containers not covered by the deposit system;
  • polycotton-based textiles;
  • carpet;
  • soft PU foam;
  • PET, PA or PU;
  • recycle mixed plastic waste streams into new raw materials for plastic production;
  • design of circular plastics; - new characterization, sorting and waste techniques; - new recycling techniques.

Within various markets and value chains, we are looking at how to improve rubber recycling, how to separate polyester and cotton from textiles, how to improve carpet recycling and how to optimize packaging recycling.

Growth of high quality waste management, recycling supply and technologies

The program is supported by companies, entrepreneurs and researchers, and CPNL operates as an independent foundation as a National Growth Foundation initiative. The primary goal of the program is to accelerate the transition to a circular economy of plastics by enabling the growth of high quality waste management, recycling supply and technologies. Companies play a critical role in transforming plastic waste streams into primary raw materials used to produce new plastics. The commitment from the National Growth Fund will promote the resilience of the recycling market and contribute significantly to the creation of a circular economy for plastics, while also helping to reduce fossil resource use and CO2 emissions.

Marc Spekreijse, CPNL director: "The European plastics industry is under enormous pressure. In order to reduce dependence on fossil raw materials and scale up reuse and recycling substantially in a market flooded with cheap fossil raw materials from outside Europe, steps are needed from industry and government. What can be done to accelerate the transition and achieve the circular economy goals? From this question, the CPNL program was started. We look back on a start with many contacts and efforts of more than 200 motivated parties with interest in the program and this grant round. CPNL looks forward expectantly to the outcome of the assessment of the projects from the first calls. In the meantime, preparations are starting on how to vigorously tackle the next rounds again, because there are challenges, but fortunately also solutions."


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