'The transition requires enormous investment, effort and innovation that we can accelerate with the CPNL program'

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In an interview for Kunststof Magazine, Marc Spekreijse, CPNL's executive director, recognizes the crucial role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in stimulating innovation: "SMEs bring diversity, fresh perspectives and practical solutions to complex problems, often leading to successful market implementation. He calls for participation in the CPNL program. 'Over eight years, numerous opportunities will arise for SMEs, ranging from design, characterization, sorting and washing to mechanical and possibly even physical recycling.'

'Interested parties can sign up for CPNL's periodic newsletter through the website and stay informed of upcoming announcements. CPNL strives to foster a community where stakeholders can network, share knowledge and collaborate. While knowledge sharing can benefit other parties, participating companies gain valuable experience, visibility and new ideas. Ultimately, the market needs to adopt and scale up these innovations so that widespread adoption and impact can occur.'

Read the full interview here from: 2023 Plastics Magazine 42-43, a publication of Federatie Nederlandse Rubber- en Kunststofindustrie

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