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Leiden, November 22, 2023

After successful completion of the first phase of the National Growth Fund program, Just Jansz and board chairman Prof.dr. Bert van der Zwaan are leaving as directors at Circular Plastics NL Foundation. At the start of the program, both had indicated their intention to take on the director role for a limited period of time. As the build-up phase is now nearing completion, they will step down at the end of 2023.

As of Jan. 1, 2024, Ton Geurts has been appointed chairman of the board. He succeeds Bert van der Zwaan. The appointment of a successor to Just Jansz is expected soon. The board is very pleased that Ton Geurts with his great knowledge and experience is joining the board.

Esther van den Beuken remains a member of the board: "The new board members can count on a warm welcome. With the appointment of Ton Geurts, the continuity of the organization is guaranteed and the foundation will be able to vigorously shape its further growth."

Bert van der Zwaan: "With this change of board we are successfully concluding the first phase of the growth fund program. First as a quartermaster and later as a member of the board of the Foundation, I am happy to hand over a decisive organization and program with the right governance. The new directors can use their experience and network to continue the decision-making for the National Growth Fund Program Circular Plastics NL to achieve the goal of 100% circularity in 2050."

Just Jansz on the handover: "It is with confidence that I hand over my duties to the new board. I have enjoyed contributing to this initiative because of the importance I attach to circular plastics and because I believe in the innovative power of the Dutch industry. Reducing the use of fossil raw materials and effective recycling of plastic waste are key challenges. I wish the team every success in accelerating the necessary transition to more circular plastics."

Ton Geurts

Ton Geurts on his appointment as Chairman: "I am delighted to join the board of CPNL to contribute to the growth of the program. My experience in developing new initiatives, both within and outside the chemical sector, focuses on sustainable chains and impact realization. I am focused on the transition to circular processes with the goal of leaving a better world for future generations."

Jacqueline Vaessen, figurehead of the Top Sector Chemicals on the appointment: "Thanks to Just Jansz and Bert van der Zwaan for their hard work, I am convinced that with Ton Geurts' additional knowledge and experience, the program will have a lasting impact on accelerating and shaping a circular and economically prosperous country."


About Circular Plastics NL Circular Plastics NL (CPNL) is an initiative within the National Growth Fund. The goal is to make plastics fully circular and use subsidies to accelerate the transition. The program runs through 2030 and has eight program lines. The program lines focus on bottlenecks in different value chains to close the cycles for existing plastics.

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