System integration and design

Welcome to the CPNL program line focused on exploring the impact of, partially and maximally, circular plastic chains in the Netherlands!

The goal is to identify the positive and negative impacts within key societal themes such as economy, technology, societal aspects, environment and health to be identified. We strive not only to identify these impacts, but also to develop appropriate methods to measure and share this crucial information. Transparency and effective communication are essential to guide decision-making and engage stakeholders, which can also accelerate the materials and process technology developments of other CPNL program lines.

System Integration

At "Systems Integration," CPNL is working to develop a national transition platform for circular plastics, consisting of a virtual systems integration knowledge center and a stakeholder community. Here, information exchange can be facilitated to make plastics more reusable and sustainable, such as:

  • upcoming policies and legislation,
  • overview of product material flows,
  • sorting techniques,
  • recyclate quality in the Netherlands.

This platform will allow various users to share and obtain information, with special attention to designers.

Applicable models

In 2023, the first steps were taken to launch and develop a scoping study. This study on scenarios and applicable models will provide direction for the circular plastics transition. For more information, check out our updates or contact the systems integration program manager, Susanne Waaijers.


Many requirements must be considered during the design process, including appearance, functionality, durability during production, transportation and use. The final design is often a compromise and not always sustainable. In the CPNL program line "design," we strive for solutions that contribute to circularity in plastic manufacturing decision making by improving the ease of collection, sorting and recycling, with attention to hidden aspects such as additives, inks, sizes and color use.

Open Calls 2024/2025

For the design component, we are currently hard at work on an appropriate scheme for further research that will open in 2024. More information will follow via the CPNL newsletter or contact the program manager for Design, Roland ten Klooster.

Micro- and nanoplastics

This program line includes research on mitigation options to prevent the formation of micro and nanoplastics throughout the value chain. This includes research on microplastics formation, dispersion and exposure.


Do you want to participate in realizing a circular future for plastics and contribute to our society and the environment? On April 18, 2024, CPNL hosted a workshop focused on systems integration and design. Check out the report here and the CPNL calendar for upcoming events.