Recycling of styrene-based materials

The goal of this programme is to improve the quality of dissolution-recycled styrene-based materials. This is done by replacing additives at the design stage, improved sorting of waste streams, such as Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) and developing and scaling up dissolution-based techniques.

Showcase RVO grant module 2023

The Circular Plastics NL grant module from RVO covers this program line for 1 showcase in 2023. The awarded projects are expected to be announced in April 2024. The goal of Circular Plastics NL showcases is to remove bottlenecks in a value chain of a material flow in a particular (product) chain. In the 2023 grant module, the goal is through improved design of materials and products, development of sorting and waste technologies specific to this class and developing pilots for mechanical recycling to close this value chain. The results can be used as a blueprint to close other value chains for the same material.

Scaling up ABS/HIPS recycling

The pilot facility will develop a process for large-scale recycling of ABS/HIPS based on existing polystyrene recycling technology.

Subsequently, a demo plant will be developed for general technological development of dissolution processes, with implications for handling various polymer/old chemical additive combinations, such as EPS with BFR (HBCD) and ABS/HIPS with BFR.

Showcase: Styrene-based materials (PS, ABS, HIPS)

Styrene-based materials that contain flame retardants and/or additives that may no longer be used (legacy additives): PS and/or EPS and/or ABS from the construction and/or electronics and/or automotive industries, other styrene-based materials may also be included.

Showcase: Styrene-based materials parts

  • Separation/disposal of disallowed additives from the polymer material
  • Separating flame retardants from the polymer material
  • Develop robust recycling process where flame retardants do not cause process upsets
  • At a minimum, the developed solution should be demonstrated on a pilot scale

Showcase: styrene-based materials consortium

  • Product designer
  • Waste processor
  • Recycler

In addition, the participation of a

  • Producer of PP/(HD)PE
  • Converter
  • Brand owner
  • Waste collector
  • and/or a Knowledge or research institute

Increase the score on the project plan quality criterion

Showcase: styrene-based materials possible research questions

  • How can styrene-based plastics be designed so that the applied allowable additives can be sorted out and/or do not cause problems in the mechanical or chemical recycling process?
  • How can an efficient pretreatment capable of separating flame retardants and additives that should no longer be used from the polymer material be realized?
  • Which solvents (in a dissolution process) are suitable and how can they be separated from the polymer in an (energy)-efficient manner?

Showcase: styrene-based materials

  • Industrial research
  • Experimental development
  • Demonstration Project
  • Non-economic activities of research organizations
  • Other non-economic project activities of research organizations aimed at knowledge integration and knowledge dissemination