The board members introduce themselves

Prof. Bert van der Zwaan | chairman

Prof. Dr. Bert van der Zwaan is active in numerous scientific and social organizations, having ended his career as Rector Magnificus of Utrecht University in 2018. He has broad experience in managing large organizations and developing strategic initiatives at the intersection of science and society. In addition to scientific centers and large institutions, he has also led Climate KIC, the EU's first knowledge and innovation community. He is chair of the program committee of the National Science Agenda (NWA), chair of the supervisory board of Nuffic, and member of the advisory or supervisory boards of domestic and foreign museums and universities

The central theme of the coming decades is keeping our world livable. An essential part of that is dealing more sustainably with our raw materials and waste products. In that context, Circular Plastics NL is a unique program where industry and science meet in making a major contribution towards circularity. I consider it a privilege to play a role in this. Just Jansz | board member Just Jansz has served as a supervisory board member and independent consultant since 2011, following a 30-year career with Shell, Basell and LyondellBasell, where he was President Technology Business. Jansz has broad experience in the plastics industry and in commercializing innovative technology. He has been a supervisory board member of several publicly traded companies and scale-ups in the United States, England and Italy and is currently a supervisory board member of Neste Oyj (Finland), among others.

Reducing the use of fossil raw materials and effectively reusing plastic waste are two major challenges for the chemical and manufacturing industries, but this also offers opportunities for innovation. I would like to help ensure that we seize those opportunities in the field of circular plastics in the Netherlands.

Dr. Esther van den Beuken | board member

Dr. Esther van den Beuken works as a principal consultant at TNO and has 20 years of experience at the interface of public-private innovation and societal themes. Esther has a broad experience with plastics. Esther is leading nationally and internationally in the field of Circular Plastics through her role as Program Manager for the Knowledge and Innovation Agenda Circular Economy (KIA-CE), participation in TransitionAgenda Plastics and the Plastic PactNL. Within the EU Esther is leading the way as working group leader of the ECP4 Chemical Recycling, setting up H2020 projects on plastics, strategic projects for industry organizations, and participation in Circular Plastic Alliance and Plastic Pact EU.

Plastics are valuable materials. The growth fund Circular Plastics NL invests in the necessary innovation and scaling up of circular plastics. I am happy to contribute to take up this challenge in Circular Plastics NL with the whole plastics value chain to achieve the goal of 50% circular plastics and reduction of 1Mton CO2 by 2030 in combination with seizing economic opportunities.

Dr. Maurits Boeije | secretary | program manager incubator

Dr. Maurits Boeije has been involved in the creation of the Circular Plastics initiative as secretary of the National Platform Plastics Recycling. He also worked at NWO and the Top Sector Chemistry on the themes Chemical Conversion, Process Technology and Synthesis and Advanced Materials. After studying chemistry in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, Maurits developed a broad knowledge of materials. He completed his PhD at TU Delft after which he worked for a few years at a startup in the field of catalyst synthesis equipment. Maurits is now working full time as secretary of the board.

It is inspiring to see that so many different parties in this program want to work together for a circular future. We all have a responsibility to address these challenges now so that we make a better future for our children. I am happy to contribute to this and want to bring private parties, from industry to startups together with public parties, from government to civil society organizations.

Mark Schmets | Hearing Officer from Ministry of Economic Affairs

Mark Schmets is teamlead chemical industry & innovation at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK). Together with its partners, the ministry works on a sustainable and entrepreneurial Netherlands: a climate-neutral society and a strong, open economy.

Bureau members introduce themselves

Marc Spekreijse | director Circular Plastics NL

As director, Marc manages the Circular Plastics NL office and the program managers and the office. Moreover, he takes care of the operational liaison with both the Ministry of Economic Affairs, RVO and NWO for launching and monitoring calls, and with the Ministry of I&W, to ensure alignment with policy, legislation, and European developments.

Marc studied chemical engineering with a specialization in materials science / polymer technology. After starting in research at AkzoNobel, he then held various positions in engineering/innovation, marketing, sales, business and general management at home and abroad. Within the chemicals division of the German family-owned company Würth, he was CEO of several companies active in coatings and specialty chemicals. Most recently, he was active in the packaging industry.

"We cannot continue to endlessly use fossil fuels as a raw material for plastics, but neither can we do without these materials in our daily lives. The Circular Plastics NL program offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the necessary transition to more circularity. This transition requires huge investments, efforts and innovation throughout the value chain. We can accelerate that with this National Growth Fund program. With my academic background and international business experience, I hope to contribute to a more effective collaboration between industry, government and the research community."

Joop Groen | program manager thermochemical recycling

Joop Groen studied Process Engineering, Business Administration (MBA), Strategic Innovation (MIT) and began his career at General Electric in the Engineering Plastics division. Initially in technical and operational leadership roles, such as plant manager, and later in commercial roles such as marketing and product manager.

In 2005 Joop joined TNO where he held several managerial positions. From 2012, Joop served as senior manager of new business development and was responsible for initiating major new programs and projects, such as Biorizon. In 2016, he founded a technology "start-up" for sustainable innovations. He is also a member of the Executive Team of Circular Biobased Delta, director of the CHAPLIN program for biobased bitumen and the CBBD Network Chemical Recycling. For the province of Brabant and the West Brabant region, Joop recently supported the coordination of the Just Transition Fund.

'From waste back to raw materials with innovation' Joop on improving thermochemical recycling with the CPNL program: "Thermochemical recycling is already an innovative way to recycle waste, turning it into valuable raw materials that can be reused. The Circular Plastics NL program provides an opportunity to develop effective solutions to further reduce dependence on raw materials. In my role as program manager, I am thereby happy to contribute to this chain where waste plastics can be repurposed into raw material for the plastics industry."

Roland ten Klooster | program manager system integration and design

Birgit Ros | communications specialist

Birgit is active at Circular Plastics NL to help with the growing network collaborating on 100% circularity in the plastics chains. She takes care of CPNL's communication materials and channels and events.

In addition, she is active with various organizations, foundations, small and large companies to help with their communication goals, but most importantly discovering their social role and transition to meaningful business. She has worked as a communications consultant at Huntsman, Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, Municipality of Rotterdam and Dutch Coalition for Humanitarian Innovation, among others.

Jan Willem Slijkoord | program manager chemical depolymerization

Jan Willem Slijkoord is a materials scientist and entrepreneur. During his 25-year career, he has worked in process technology companies such as Akzo Nobel, Tata Steel, Norit Activated Carbon and for the National Laboratory for Applied Sciences, TNO. There he was active in various roles as a materials scientist, marketing manager or business development manager. During his career, he gained extensive experience in the PET fiber and PET recycling industry, as well as in engineering and high-performance polymer sales.

With a strong circular affinity for turning "nothing" into "something," he founded a tech startup developing sustainable materials technology, CiorC, in 2015. Examples include recycled and biodegradable polyesters for 3D printing, furniture parts based on hospital waste and advanced mechanical recycling of polyester.




Jolanda Kraaikamp | management assistant

As management assistant, Jolanda supports the director and the board and takes care of all common back-office activities at Circular Plastics NL.

Jolanda is an experienced support professional who enjoys result-oriented work with great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility. Thinking along and executing are important principles.