Transition through collaboration | Networking Summit hosted by CPNL, BBC and GCNE

Rijtuigenloods, Amersfoort
10:00 - 18:00

On Thursday, November 7th, we are on the spot for transition through collaboration. Jointly BBC, GCNE and CPNL will host a grand networking summit. Please mark the date in your calendar to go circular, participate and discuss:

  • supply chain formation
  • scaling
  • financing and subsidy opportunities
  • legislation
  • material science and technologies
  • system integration
  • design
  • standarization
  • impact (monitoring and reporting)
  • matchmakingsessions

Date: 7 november 2024

Location: Rijtuigenloods Amersfoort

Program and registration: To be announced soon

Go Biobased Circular (BBC) , Go Groene Chemie Nieuwe Economie (GCNE) and Go Circular Plastic NL (CPNL)! Jointly they will set stage to explore and accelerate the tranistion trough collaboration. Go enable or unlock collaborations in the valuechains and circularity! Go find scenario’s, technological and financial solutions, share knowledge on materials and their lca’s, Go for a design fit for circularity, Go discuss (bio) polymers and their debottlenecks.

Please mark this date 7 November 2024 in your calendar to discuss updates on the subsidy programmes and accelerators.  Subscribe for the CPNL update for more information to be announced soon:

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