Future of Chemical Recycling 2024


The two-day event will be taking place in Rotterdam, Netherlands on the 31st January to 1st February, and bring together key stakeholders from Chemical and Energy Providers, Raw Material Suppliers, Packaging Manufacturers, Recycling Service and Technology Providers, Chemical and Sustainability Associations, Senior Chemical Consultants and Research Academics.  Set against the backdrop of global concerns about plastic pollution and environmental sustainability, this conference places innovation and sustainability at the forefront of discussions.

Key Topics:

  • Effective Feedstock Management
  • Overcoming Challenges in Energy Efficiency
  • Clarification on Current and Future European Regulations
  • Context of Certification for Chemically Recycled Feedstock
  • Unpacking the Market Forecast and Maximising its Opportunities
  • Moudling a Collaborative Industry of Recycling
  • Improvements to Cost-Efficiencies Across the Supply Chain
  • Envisaging the Newfound Potential of Packaging and Other End-Products

Find out more about the event program and ticketing here: ACI | Future of Chemical Recycling 2024 – ACI (wplgroup.com)

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