Advanced Recycling Conference

Cologne (Germany)
09.00 - 17:00

The “Advanced Recycling Conference (ARC)“ will take place over two days in the heart of Cologne, aiming to clear up this jungle of information by providing an overview and in-depth insight into all available recycling technologies for various streams of different plastics wastes as well as into political topics and environmental impacts. The ARC will provide a new home for technology providers, related industries, waste management companies, brands and investors as well as policymakers and scientists active in the versatile and interdisciplinary field of recycling. By bringing together all relevant topics and experts, the event will provide a framework for new partnerships, ideas, approaches, and value chains.

Circular Plastics NL is one of the speakers for this conference and a partner for scoping the new plastics landscape. Program manager Tom Claessen will be present at the conference and several others will join online.

Circular Plastics NL – Advanced Recycling Conference (

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